Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ok sometimes force the writing...

One morning in the car, I turned the CD/Radio off and with an 8 mile straight stretch of road ahead to Trempealeau, I said..."I need to write"... Women... What do I love about them... Quickly images of tight denim jeans and calico print tops and skirts got into my head.... Denim & Lace was born, but with that nothing... as I drove through town I saw a street sign "Chase St."... and then I rounded the corner and saw a bar named Linda's place. By the time I got to Winona I believe I had chorus and the jest of where the song was headed. Writing in the car can be risky, but there really isn't much traffic where I drive and I don't drive aggressive, I roll with the flow.

Ok I don't know if I helped you with your song writing, but if you can write a story by finding little things in your life and tie them together.... you wouldn't be copying just me, you would be copying some great song writers. Yep it was a time in my life that gas was hitting record highs, and seemed like everything at home was breaking... everything but my wonderful marriage. Funny I think it was after this song when Lori told me to stop writing about divorces. HA

BTW... the song came together when I changed it to a duet and had Paula sing every other verse.

Denim and Lace

Seems like everythings broke, including me
Ex-wife called for her alimony.
The price of gas just hit record highs
All you can do is stand a sigh

He can’t complain about his day ahead,
his mind is wanderin off to me instead.
Come Friday it’ll be just him and me
Good food, some beer and little TV.

Escape from the rat race,
Take a left on Chase street,
They're serving denim and lace,
At Linda's place.
They're serving denim and lace,
At Linda's place.

Linda works at the diner all day
Servin’ those with too much to say
Then it’s hurry home and get the kids fed
do the wash, and off to bed.

I don’t complain ‘bout the routine stuff
There’s more of life to really love
My sites are set to dad’s weekend
and a little time with him to spend.


Linda and I someday will tie the knot,
When the kids see just who I am not.
We’ve got a plan to keep this love alive
Pretty nice feeling when your 45.

Love after forty is not a bad thing
Don’t let them tell you that we can’t sing
Timing is something that you can’t control
But when you find the time just grab hold.