Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Switching a song Male to Femaie

Once I told someone that Bonnie Raitt's song, "Love me like a man" was written by a great GUY named Chris Smither. They looked perplexed at me, but of course the song was tweaked. I believe his version was "I'll love you like a man" Well one of my favorite artist who came to a our little house concert series is Allison Sattinger. What an angel she is, but she did write one sultry song called "Across the Room"

Now she didn't ask me, but one morning I had this itch to change the perspective, because as my wife will tell you... I'm an Eye man. So I tweaked the words to what I think a guy might say without really changing the meaning too much. I don't lay any claim for copywrite on this... I just changed the voice. Allison said I made her week when I shared it with her.... That's all the payment I ever desired.

Across the Room written by Allison Sattinger (switched to the Male voice)

I see you lookin, I’m lookin too.
Your eyes are the kind of warmth I could get used to
Like brown earth when the sun sets,
I wonder how you’ld look in my bed.

Some people say cotton feels best; Some people say silk or satin
Makes you think of a woman Makes a body feel blessed.
It’s like the sun in June after winter
I’ve never felt anything quite like ……a feel of a
Woman’s eyes…… from across the room.

This is dangerous territory for me
I swore off love, ’cause makes hard to breathe
But you got that long neck and you got those hands
I’m thinking things about you and I’ve started to plan.

So come on in my lovin arms
I think you could so use to it, You know that we could do
Make it right baby We won’t stop baby
It’ll be heaven I swear Answer to your prayers…Hallelujah..

now you heard the good at the beginning... here's the ugly, but I do like it enough to post it and hope someone like Amos Lee decides to really cover and record it. (got to love the Christmas tree though... HA)