Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Duckin' stones, a Protest song

I live my life duckin’ so many stones.
My hands are free, but I feel alone.
Both sides take aim at the weary bill.
Both exclaim there is a poison pill.
I suppose I should stop and listen.
Decipher which is God’s position.
I do expect that answer is neither
Jesus wouldn’t even need a breather.
He’d remind us of the question that stands,
When he needed help, “Did you lend a hand?”

I walk thru life duckin’ so many stones.
My way is clear and I don’t go alone.
I walk with the sons of Abraham,
Yes, Christian, Jew and Muslim
Side by side, homeless, poor and gay
Ducking the stones and words they say
Lest we forget the word cast in stone
Don’t idolize words from a radio throne
But let the words of Jesus help
Go out loving one another as yourself.

Go out and shout
Drop the stones, drop the stones.
But do not doubt, you’ll be
Duckin’ stones, duckin’ stones.

© 2009 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs

Now this song is more finished but likely needs a third verse.... and it's my weird version of a 60's activist protest song but who am I protesting? The Right who knows their never wrong, the left who most times forgets the real reason. I'm lucky to be blessed with health care but I fret so about those who make the wrong calls because they can't afford to go the the hospital, and I'm disgusted with my health care bills being pumped up by the margins of the insurance & drug companies who are paying to fight any reform. Don't forget I'm a business person with a compassionate heart, I know what they are up to.... and our health bill is seeing the rewards. And if they aren't bad enough.. you know about the bad debt and write off expense in a hospital for all the goodwill medical work they have done for poor people.. HA you don't want public insurance... YOU ARE PAYING for it anyway... they make money and have to pass it on somewhere.

The answer... hey this blog is to be about songwriting, so it's probably Blowin in the Wind... so go and write your own protest song.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talkin' Differences in Sexes

So while I have been busy writing, I had nothing significant I wanted to share within this site for a while... tonight is finally here. In the great tradition of Woody Guthrie, I finally wrote a talkin' song.... now most who know my voice are probably saying, "Thank God"... but really this again like anything takes inspiration. Mine came from a simple thing like the differences in women's hair, and how some women at work will change the way come to work every other day. Up, down, curly, straight, wet or dry... and gracious sometimes that's the same person. It got me thinking about the differences between men and women... so after great research, I throw this piece into the mix. Now it does use current cultural references which date it, and I don't recommend that for a song like this; of course I think that Rush and McCain's crazy "The Google" will live in cultural literacy for awhile.

Some day I will record a YouTube of this... until then enjoy.

Ok folks, it’s plain to see, that I’m talkin’ differences ‘tween you and me.
Or should I say them and us, you know vagina versus the old penis.
I’ve been around a time or two, enough to see a closet full of shoes
But when I went to write ‘em down, I was worried to be shipped out of town.
You know Rush Limbaugh style, angry, confused, blabbering all the while.

Now this shouldn’t be an editorial bit, so I used THE google and McCained it.
You know in this digital age, you just search and copy some body else’s page.
So armed with a laptop and coffee, I got my windows to look at me.
Point and click info by the ton, ohhhh better put the adult filters on.
Just incase you try this at home, don’t try that with thing with foam.

Back to work and just like I thought, lists and lists of haves and have nots.
Some pretty scientific stuff, when I thought camo versus pink fluff.
There’s left brain / right brain, and why women explain and explain
There’s x y, mars and venus, and oh yeah then right back to the penis
So who here before the age nine, played you show me your I’ll show you mine?

Mumble… after age nine… hmmm look me up sometime….

Hair style is difference I relate, hell mine been the same since 8.
Yes all that time to get ready, and you just better notice Freddy.
She’s worked hard at getting it just right, even if it’s a bun pulled tight.
Darlin you look good tonight, no, no really I meant outta sight.
Sure the game is on, but I looked at you really, really, really.. hey he’s gone.

So if I make it through this song, and married to my favorite one.
It just means that difference attract, and then find a way to react.
Most women are saints you know, and successful guys will surely show
Their pride and joy that brings them dinner, after they said she looks thinner
Yes indeed, I meant every word, thanks for the dinner hun.

By Dave Schipper © 2009 Rose Riversongs
Many thanks to Woody Guthrie and Charlie Maguire for inspiration.