Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gracious it's been a while

Ok, here's a song writing update.... I suck at keeping at it, do different then me. HA. Well lately I've been working harder on marketing that on writing... but both are important.

Now here's what I've done recently... I joined http://www.americansongspace.com/davezeman because I've read their magazine and the site is really geared toward people in the industry or novices like myself.

I continue to write new stuff even if it's just poetry like Stereotypes. and again too often in the car on the way to work driving 60 MPH. It really is just scratch notes so I remember the lines.

Back to American Song Space, I entered a rare free writing contest that if you win, you drive yourself to Nashville and have a day with a super songwriter who is a legend in my mind, Pierce Pettis. Wish me luck... If I win, I'll hear about it around my birthday.

Ok back to the steering wheel, the pen and the occassional scrawl. I'm sketching out what might be a song or might be a long story poem. I saw this park bench that had a beautiful engraved message, In loving memory of Peanuts Hoyt... now I think, that's a song. Then right down the trail I see this big park inspector with this huge bushy gray mustache and farmer jeans with a red bandana hankie sticking out of the pocket. Yes... it's coming together. Now I'm sketching the story line, the who, what, why, and where.. each stanza a new tidbit. I'm weaving in some people I know in my mind. When I'm done, I'll be so happy... why am I writing this... just because it feels right. If you write to make money, to make the next hit... well work on an assembly line. It's not for passion, I write for the passion and expression... I'll let you all know if I finish it.