Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Share your gift with friends

ok lose any thought you ever have of being gifted... if you have a talented it might have been seeded in you by a higher being, so get over it. Today I was sent a beautiful poem written by a friend of the band, Justin Bodin. It needed work to make it a lyric, but it didn't need alot, and it didn't need to force a ryhme where his words were fine.

Roll with the punches and give it a shot... boy I was happy things flowed quickly. Love must have been in the lines. I'll take credit for the melody, but any word tweaks I did... were really to enhance Justin's words. Enjoy Angels...

When the Angels come out
In the moonlight they sing
To the Heaven’s above
And they praise the Lord

When the Angels get together
Around the stars
They dance on the moon
All night long

When you opened the kingdom of heaven to me
For everyone to see
You gave us a new life and happiness
For others to see you.


When we walk hand in hand with Angels on earth
All people created by God
We sing with the power of heavens above
For others to see you.

By Justin Bodin

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Kim Lahaie Day said...

Very nice, David! Make no apologies about the tune, it really was catchy!

Best wishes in advance for your birthday!