Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I revisited a song that I wrote a while back based on a little inspiration from Hope Waits. She had posted a picture of herself in blue sepiatones, and was recently lamenting loneliness in the city of Hollywood. A few other tidbits may have a tie into reality, but the song flows as a fictional story. This lady I don't know if I want to meet, but Hope Waits... anytime with her incredible gutsy vocals with a style of Billie Holiday but mixed heavily with Bonnie Raitt.

Funny thing happens when you revisit a song after three years, you re-write a line or two, change a few chords, and maybe make it better. Song writing isn't a science, and it isn't a contest; it's a passion to tell a short story in 3-4 minutes. Why stick your head in a book for days... here you go... here's atleast a chapeter with pictures no less of the beautiful Hope Waits The songwriting tidbits follow later...

She fixated on a venomous moment
Surrounded by a harried world.
Just sits alone with her personal torment.
A bottle of Jack numbs the senses
Maybe she’ll go dress up with pearls tonight
Hit the bars and take some chances.

The lady in blue has a life to choose.
The lady in blue stuck in Hollywood.
The lady in blue turns to look away
The lady in blue will find a way.

Her tall and slender frame turns heads
She’s learned to ignore them easily
But with this she’s added a hard edge.
An armor of cold disdain for true love
She can crush those who come weakly
Leaving her left with the just the stuff.

The lady in blue has a life to choose.
The lady in blue stuck in Hollywood.
The lady in blue turns to look away
The lady in blue will find a way.

A trickle of hope is never really gone
She was raised with grace and joy
But left it behind to write her song
The lady bumps into life in the dark
Will she choose to notice or be coy?
And in the end she’s just make a choice.

Lady in Blue by Dave Schipper © 2007/10 Rose Riversongs Photos from myspace.com/hopewaits

Verse one recounts Sabrina Kufner's whiskey inspired video I watched about that time, and Hope's studio pictures with beautiful pearls.

Chorus tries to pick up on her lament, did she choose right to move to LA for her beautiful New Orleans home... just to make her mark. Well if she didn't, the producer of Norah Jones first record wouldn't have found her, and I would have never had heard her... choices.

Oh the second verse is my imagination. Remember I am a shy guy who aspired to every beautiful girl in high school... thus I have scar tissue around my heart, what a joy it beats so strongly.

The third verse is why I'm writing the blog... Hope has a large family and while I know a few from other blogs, she definitely has a sister name Joy and Grace... Ha... so that's my inside joke but it does fit the story line either way. She did notice me and someday we'll have a good laugh and hug when she travels to meet the future in-laws in Michigan.... can't wait.

a quick video for me to remember it...

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Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi David!

I like it, I really like it! Being a Billy Holliday fan, I might possibly like to hear Hope's voice. The names their girls have are great, Joy, Grace, and Hope. How can one go wrong???